Computerized Numeric Control (CNC) Machining


CNC machines are electro-mechanical devices that use computer programming inputs.  CNC machines have many functions including face milling, shoulder milling, tapping,  laser, routing, drilling and some even offer turning.  The precision, quality and consistency of work produced has placed our CNC router on the cutting edge of production.   Maximum volume of production is possible due to manufacturing highest possible yields per sheet, thus resulting in more product and less waste.  

Using this high tolerance technology, Pratt CNC is thrilled to offer premium quality finished and semi-finished products specific to individualized needs.

Precision Cutting


Automated cuts improve both the speed and the accuracy with which products can be created - especially when the material is critical. By precisely moving the cutter through material, a  CNC machine can create virtually any pattern or shape and will do so in materials such as wood, plastic, foam, aluminum and many other composites.

Pratt CNC has the capabilities to cut-to-size precise parts in small or large quantities.

Station Thermoforming


  • Heat Strip/Line Bending
  • Edge Finishing/Polishing
  • Bonding/Glue Solvent
  • Assembly


Drape Forming


This is the process where a plastic sheet is heated to the state where it can be pressed, bent over a mold or form to create the desired shape without the use of vacuum.  A benefit of drape forming is that the plastic is not typically stretched and will retain its full dimensional thickness 

Compression Forming


Compression forming is the process typically used with composite thermoplastic laminates. This process consists of matched metal mold sets; which shape material on both sides, compression forces for products with unique requirements. 

Vacuum Forming


Pratt CNC has the plastic vacuum forming equipment and features to correctly process your plastic vacuum formed parts and give you the desired results. Vacuum Forming combines a vacuum, high temperatures and talent to give you the best quality  in custom plastic vacuum forming. 

Free Blow Molding


Materials are placed in an industrial-sized oven to heat and air is blown against warmed material to create a rounded dome.

Strip Heat Bending


Strip Heat Bending or Line Bending utilizes a single heater and forming fixture. A sheet is heated along a line or specific area. When that area is up to forming temperature, the sheet is removed from the heat source and placed into a cooling fixture. 

Plug Assist Molding


This type of molding is the surest way to guarantee continuity in material thickness. A plug stretches the sheet prior to molding.