Computer Integrated manufacturing turns your dreams into reality. A 5X9 cutting surface CNC mill, and a 8.5X4 laser cutting surface allows for FULL SHEETS of material to be cut/engraved simultaneously



Precise and detailed engraving, custom logos and graphics, and hundreds of fonts and hand drafted designs in almost any material. Tamper-proof, wear-resistant control panels from a range of materials.

LED Signs & Lights


Eye catching LED lit sign or display engraved into clear acrylic with any logo or text.  Insert your product into the center like these, or simply have us engrave your logo and use our LED sign.

Polycarbonate Storm Windows


Florida is known for its sunshine and beaches. But also, for the world's most disastrous storms. So when the hurricane hits, let us help you be prepared! 

(Commercial Grade Unbreakable Polycarbonate Lexan)



We specialize in Precision 3D cutting, engraving and fabrication  of Marine Plastics, Acrylics, and more.    We want to  raise the bar on ingenuity.  Pratt Plastics  keeps a strict attitude about work,  and  that includes our promise of always giving fast, and trustworthy business.   



One of our specialties is our ability to create a custom product for your commercial business.  We have a wide range of materials to choose from to help you design the perfect fit for your retail store, restaurant, or your professional business.  We work with you on exact dimensions, and product construction to assist you in forming your idea.  ​