Starboard Polyurethanes​

HDPE King Colorcore


Pratt CNC only uses the best materials in the manufacturing of our products. Reliability & Durability are our main focus.  From our custom LED signs to our simple cup holders, quality is our priority.  

About Marine Grade Starboard



An ideal material for building projects to replace worn-out teak or plastic laminates or plastic parts on your boat. Starboard is high-density polyethylene which is stabilized to resist saltwater, chemicals, and sunlight. It will not rot, splinter, swell  or delaminate!  It retains its original color indefinitely, and doesn’t require refinishing. The scuff-resistant surface cleans easily and quickly with a scrub brush and light abrasive cleaner. It has a beautiful matte surface texture, and ranges in thickness: 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4".

Starboard is great for projects like cutting boards and bait boards, shower floors, companionway hatch boards, sink covers, cabinets and electronics boxes, bait wells, table tops and literally hundreds of other applications.  

Starboard needs no painting, finishing, or maintenance. It  is widely used by professional boat builders. If your boat was built in the last 15 years, it probably has starboard  parts somewhere on board.  

To replace worn or damaged wood just remove the old part and bring it to Pratt Plastics where we will use the old part as a template.  



  1.  Starboard is FDA approved and safe for food preparation.   
  2. It has a non-stick matte finish, is nearly impervious to UV radiation and does not absorb water.   
  3. It CANNOT be painted, must be mechanically fastened and is very difficult (or nearly impossible) to glue.   
  4. It can be thermoformed, or bent to a desired curve, by Pratt Plastics.   
  5. Fasteners made from Starboard, or stainless mechanical fasteners are used to secure pieces of Starboard in place.   Poly-Dura is one of the few adhesives with any ability to bond this material, but screws or thru-bolts are recommended because Starboard does not glue reliably. Epoxy and polyester resins, polyurethane or other adhesives do not stick securely, and will eventually pull loose.   
  6. Starboard can be caulked with BoatLIFE Life-Calk, for above-water use. 3M 5200 also adheres well enough for caulking, but not tenaciously enough to be used as an adhesive.   
  7. Starboard softens at temperatures above 180°F, so it should not be used in engine compartments or other locations subjected to extreme heat.   
  8. If you choose to counter-bore your fastener holes, you can hide the fasteners with plugs we at Pratt Plastics can make from Starboard.    

Care & Maintenance

 Clean Starboard with a mild solution of liquid soap or boat wash and water, and a synthetic/nylon “scrub” brush.   Remove stains with Citrus Cleaner, Mineral Spirits, or Alcohol.   Avoid contact with chemicals such as Teak Oil, which can cause permanent stains.   Lead pencil, Ink pen, or permanent markers will stain Starboard.   Furniture polish or products such as Armor-All can add an attractive luster to the finish.  

Ideas Using Starboard

Electronics boxes, Ski Locker lids, Cup holder, Shelves, Chart holders, Table tops, Bait boards,  Ladder treads, Sink covers, Transom doors, Trim Sliding Door, Track Arm rests, Back splash,  Rod Holder racks, Cabinets Hatches, Doors, Instrument panel,  Tool holders, Console, Leaning posts, Bait Wells, Covers, Shower floors, and much more!